During a reading with me, please expect to receive not only guidance on life issues but probable messages from friends and loved ones who have crossed over.  I do allow recording of sessions as well as note taking as there is alot of information that is given and can be missed.  To me, readings are not all about "psychic" experiences but more of a way to empower people, to give hope where there is despair, to give courage in the face of fear, to enable people to see their truth worth.

Please keep an open mind when sitting with me as there may be many messages that are given but are not completely understood at first.  I receive emails daily from clients who have had confirmation of what they were told as the stories begin to unfold in their own lives.

Please do not be disappointed if someone in spirit world doesn't step forward at first. I have found that when the time is right they will make themselves known.  You can also become a messenger for someone else during a sitting!

My readings are relaxed and fun and by the end of a reading you will definitely feel a little "lighter."